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Leicester Based Locksmith Saves the Day

I was locked out of my house at 2 am. Can you imagine what that’s like? That realisation that you’re suddenly separated from the most important thing in your life at that moment, your home!

I live in Leicester, and so needed a quick solution to my problem, because it was still a residential area, not exactly space for a hotel around the corner!

And so I opened my phone, went to Google, and found an “emergency locksmith Leicester“, that could come and help me at such an awkward time!

A wonderfully helpful man answered the phone, and said he’d be out there right away. His name was Tony, and he was from AJ Locksmiths Leicester in Leicestershire, which are now my go to locksmith company in Leicester, so friendly and professional!

He got to my house within 20 minutes, and got me back inside within another 20, picking the lock carefully, avoiding any damage to my home. I couldn’t believe my luck!

I highly recommend AJ Locksmiths Leicester for any future lock work you may need. Updated April 2017: they’ve received some fantastic feedback on their website, and also a great new video which I’ve included below. They are by far the most accomplished locksmith Leicester, highly recommended for anyone who needs a lock change or fix in the county.

AJ Locksmiths Leicester

Here are the contact details for the locksmith I used, they’re fantastic and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a locksmith service in Leicester.

AJ Locksmiths Leicester
8 Linnett Close, Narborough, Leicester LE19 2TQ
07729 554332

A little update, I’ve recently reviewed Tony’s services again, and I have to say that they are easily the best emergency locksmith in Leicester, getting to my house quickly and effectively, without the need to wait too long, and easily getting me back inside with little fuss, a really great job by the AJ Locksmiths Leicester team.

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